Pimsleur learning MP3s

I can’t quite figure out the best way to handle this and thought perhaps someone here would have an idea.

I want to start learning Western Armenian via Pimsleur. They have an app, but only offer more popular languages through it. My option is to download MP3s. Is my best bet to just use Apple Music on my Mac, import them there and sync to my iPhone?

I was hoping to do this without using my Mac, but I can’t figure out a way to save and then play them. For instance, if I saved them to Dropbox… would I then just play them via Dropbox?

Thanks for any advice!

I have used an app called Greenlit before (and still do) to access audiobooks saved in Dropbox.

That might work for what you want :slight_smile:


Thanks Rosemary - that did it! Worked perfectly. Thanks so much for solving my problem so quickly.

Thanks for the recommendation, wasn’t familiar with that app. The two iOS apps I’ve known of for Dropbox/iCloud listening/streaming/downloading are Bookmobile and Bound, both $3.99 (though Bookmobile is a free [limited] download with IAP).