Pin Tab or Bookmark - Which are you?

hey MPU,

So I finally cleared out the 25ish pinned tabs that I had for the last month holding Safari hostage. (Yes, I know big and ugly mistake)

It got me thinking today, a nice fun question…what kind of person are you?

Do you pin so many tabs that it occupies your whole browser?
Or are you a bookmark kind of person?
Or do you do something else and turn into a digital pin hoarder/packrat!?

Sound off!

I use Bookmarks for websites I regularly use and Reading List for those interesting longer articles i need time to digest.

Groups are nice.
In Safari I have groups like servers that has my NAS, router, server, etc. and groups like data science, etc.
But I’m predominantly on Brave now, so just bookmarks in folders on the favorites bar.


I am using Arc browser. And it has multiple levels of “bookmarking”. They have pinned tabs across all spaces. Then pinned tabs for specific spaces. Between those two I don’t need anything else.


I use those on mobile. The best approach IMO.

Bookmark folders for work (I have about 50 links that are consulted relatively regularly, that I don’t want to keep open.)

For personal, I have a few bookmarks not in folders (weather report, covid dashboard, etc.) but mostly pull things up via autocomplete.

Tab group usage is growing for me as well. I’m still learning which ones I’ll actually return to and that make thematic/modal sense.

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My tabs tend to multiply during the week. I have a weekly(ish) routine of going back to “tab zero”. Things I want to read go to Pocket, interesting websites go to bookmarks. Random bits often just get screengrabbed for thinking about later.

I have my bookmarks arranged in groups, which I find really useful. You can also put groups inside groups, keeping your list nice and tidy.

I have a colleague who makes me wince whenever they screenshare, and I see a long string of 100s of open tabs. In their defence they seem to know where everything is, it must be a kind of muscle memory.

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I am using Tabs and Tabgroups. I have them on my StreamDeck, so I could sent a Website pretty fast towards the right Tabgroup.
If my system starts slowing down, normally with around 1500 open Tabs, I place all Tabs still open in Bookmarks, sorted by the Tabgroups.

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I just use bookmark folders. I haven’t seen that wheel reinvented into anything smoother yet.

Ummm … Bookmarks and pinned tabs and tab groups.

I have a dozen folders containing bookmarks in the Favorites category on my Safari startpage, organized by use case. (For example, there’s a folder that contains links to all the periodicals I have a paid subscription to, and another with sites I visit routinely for day-to-day admin, another for logins to online learning sites, another for frequently visited research portals, etc.) These are sites I either visit regularly or need to keep top-of-mind.

I usually also have a handful of pinned tabs set up at any one time that contain resources I need to have just a click away when I’m working on a specific project. For example, when I was learning how to use a recently-purchased camera I pinned the tab for its online user manual so I could get to it with a mouse click. If I’m learning a new piece of software, I’ll pin the tab for its user manual and/or list of keyboard shortcuts. I do have a permanent pinned tab for Zoterobib since I use it all day every day.

I have set up a couple of tab groups for those instances when I will need to visit the same set of webpages at the same time to get something done.

I also have a bunch of bookmark folders in the sidebar that aren’t Favorites (and thus aren’t on my startpage), but that I need to reference from time-to-time.

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I used to use pinned tabs for just a few pages I regularly checked, but not any more. Other than that I have far too many bookmarks. “Read later” is served by simply leaving a tab open, which is how the previously pinned tabs are now also handled. I forget why I made that change.

Pinned tabs never make sense to me. I’ll add an article to my Safari Reading List if I want to check it out later, but that’s about it.