If you use and are unhappy with the status of any “modern” apps for sharing to, or accessing, your pinboard bookmarks - there ARE some apps out there:


Currently using Pinstachio on iOS (instead of Pinner; development seems dead).

Any macOS tips?

It’s not it is


Over on the Pinboard Resources page they list a number of apps, but many are dead. I have been using Shiori. It’s not great, but you can save sites to pinboard with a keyboard shortcut if you want.

It seems like Pinboard apps are a dying breed, but the Pinboard API is everywhere.

I use reeder with the account RSS feed options.


If I want to search I use pushpin for the archive.

Yeah, title was right, body was not. Fixed.

I use Spillo on the Mac, but as I noted above, Pinstachio MIGHT be showing up there, too (no promises from the developer, but at least some interest!)

I thought the apps were dying, as well, but the 3 noted above are all getting active updates.

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Also using Spillo, but development seems dead for that one too?

(that’s why I also asked the Pinstachio developer whether he would support macOS some time ago)

Yep, seems dead, but with an error or two now and again, it keeps working.

Even though I have a few more years to go on my pinboard account, and have a workflow around it, I have been using GoodLinks recently - iCloud synchronization, Mac app, great share extension, awesome Reader view. Plus it imports all you Pinboard links (and other services, too).

After close to a decade with Pinboard I’ve switched to using DT/DTTG for my 6500 bookmarks. Haven’t missed it but I didn’t use the social features.

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I was just thinking about this as I logged in to Pinboard and saw 3k old bookmarks languishing. What content type do you use in DT for this?

DT has a script that imports all of your bookmarks. Pretty handy. That used to be part of my workflow.


Yeah I used the script - it imports as bookmarks and (important for me) preserves the existing tags, converting to DT tags.

Preserving tags is the issue I currently working on with my GoodLinks workflow. Just another reason DT rocks.

I came across this post from a Google search.

Just to let you know I recently launched a new client for iOS, iPadOS and macOS Big Sur called Pins: ‎Pins for Pinboard on the App Store

It’s in active development and is free to try with a one-time upgrade to unlock access to all features. Give it a try — Pins’ very fast and it supports accounts of all sizes (I have users with more than 100K+ bookmarks). Oh and it has a good share extension as well.


I am late to replying here - I am switching back to using, and Pins is FANTASTIC! Thanks for making this. I happily unlocked all the features, and am now working on getting back into using