Pinned Tabs Disappearing on Brave Browser

I really like the Brave browser. It is excellent, works great with G-Suite, and is more secure. However, I’m running into a strange problem. I’ll pin tabs and they are there most of the day and then all of a sudden, they are gone. I have not figured out a reason or series of events that might trigger this. Have any of you Brave users had this problem?

I have not had this issue. But for Brave-specific queries you’ll probably get faster, more in-depth responses in the app-specific subreddit

or the app’s own discussion forum on

Thanks, you are always a helpful voice on this forum. Much appreciated!

PS, following your recommendation, I found that this may be a “feature” of the Chrome platform. I can work around this with bookmarks but I prefer how Safari handles pinned tabs.

Thanks again.

Interesting. I think I have never indefinitely pinned a tab on purpose… but I can see its utility.

For my most-used URLs I have folders in my Bookmarks bar that contain regularly-visited daily ‘startup’ URLs, and I Command-click a folder to open all the folder’s URLs in succeeding tabs, a trick that can be used in Safari or Chrome too.


excellent tip!! did not know that!
same idea works on iOS in brave: long press the folder and select “open all”