Pixelmator Library now have Peakto support

Peakto? What is that? That’s what I thought so I started to look at what they offer.

Peakto is the latest software from CYME a French developer that seems to have initially launched an app (Avalanche) the supports easy transfer from photo library from different vendors.

Peakto is the natural extension to Avalanche in that is coalesces your Photos App, Pixelmator, Lightroom, Capture One library into an easy to manage master library with editing features.

CYME’s YouTube page is active with a lot of content. What’s refreshing to me is the lack of “influencer sponsorships”. They may be preferring to just build out the application and not rely on having the usual chorus of photography influencers reviewing the product.

If this works well with network storage i’d be glad to give it a try.

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