Pixelmator Pro adds (limited) video editing capability

I sounds weird, but:

Pixelmator Pro isn’t a replacement for a timeline-based video editor that lets you build a video from multiple clips. However, for clips like title segments and short-form social media posts, Pixelmator Pro strikes me as a far simpler solution than a more complex video editor like Final Cut Pro.

Editing a video isn’t much different from working with still images, except you’ll notice playback controls at the bottom of the clip you’re editing for controlling sound and playing back the clip. Also, a three-dot ‘more’ button reveals a scrubber with clip trimming controls and other advanced options when clicked. Other than that, video layers work just like other layers. You can adjust brightness, exposure, colors, and other aspects of a clip, apply filters, crop your video, overlay text, and more.

Video can be exported as MP4 files, QuickTime movies, animated GIFs, or PNGs. The Pixelmator team also says it has improved support for Motion projects.

And it still is being available with a 50% discount. I am not into video editing, so I am of no use to test it. But I am amazed that this application is being sold for $19.99 (discounted, $39.98 normal price).

Those video templates are looking really good.

It’s a neat update, but it’s more of a feature than a whole solution so far. Unless I’m missing something, there isn’t really a timeline. You can’t edit the video itself, either, just layer effects/mask/clip it and truncate the length.


With no timeline support I guess it’s useful mostly for animation-like videos where you mask a few spots in the video with text and simple shapes, maybe layer 2-3 videos in a collage, and loop it forever on social media.

Most of my needs in video editing are in creating instructional and presentational videos, and 95% of what I need for that is Titles (text I can show at specific times in the video)

Here’s an example I made for my latest app:

Or this one where I show some useful BetterTouchTool gestures:

Thankfully there’s the free version of DaVinci Resolve that can do that wonderfully!

But I really hoped Pixelmator would come with video editing and streamline this use case of mine as DaVinci is still overkill for my needs and it takes quite a few steps just to get some text showing… For now, that seems not to be the case.

I meant to get this earlier but I forgot. Thanks for the reminder.

I remember when Adobe Photoshop introduced simple editing of videos. At the time, I used it to create simple gif banner ads. Until I learned that I can do the same thing on Keynote and use different transitions.