PKM/Zettelkasten/etc self support group?

And after all that effort I was unable to attend. Was in a meeting with official veterinarians and could not leave.


Next time. Meeting with veterinarians is more important than PKM.

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My rough rough notes from session #1

Mark L’s setup


Confused or Not Working

  • Maps of content
  • Effective ways to tag/mark questions and then query them and get information into tool X?
  • Simple way on iPad/iOS to get a picture into Attachments and linked in a note
  • Excalidraw painfully hard to use compared to other sketching tools
  • Mindmapping in Obsidian → I want the impossible Mindnode like capabilities in text. Strangely the Obsidian devs might be listening to me there is a Canvas core plugin in progress which supports mindmaps
  • Notetaking live at a conference
  • Danny Hatcher - I paid download for his extended brain - mistake. It is just an Obsidian vault with a few help files. Less value than free LYT Kit. I suppose I’ve paid Mr Hatcher for his video work, fair enough
  • Should I follow Dany Hatcher lead and use DB plugin → to manipulate books

Notes from others
One person attendee LYT when it was still $800 - Limited benefit seen from formal material. Real benefit the course forced person to work with notes. Also they benefited from seeing others.

One person is using: as their notetaking tool. They like Heptabase because it visualizes notes as cards and allows them to be displayed on a whiteboard with links between them. They also write all of their notes in their daily note and then refactor the note contents when it becomes obvious what it is about, what it is named and where it will live.

We mentioned the limited value of the graph view.

My hope is that an informal group will provide version of challenging us to work with our notes and inspire each other

Another meeting in approx 1 mth. (Late October)
Edited for minor missed details


Interestingly, Bianca Pereira has left Obsidian for Scrintal.

just want to say thanks for the notes. Being in Australia time zone, I do not want to be the one to add complexity to scheduling the meeting.

However, I have learned a lot just by browsing the notes. Sounds like you guys have covered a lot, well done !!!

just interested to see whether anyone use apps like SnipID to take notes while listening to podcasts. Also, anyone found social highlighting apps like Glasp useful?


Give us time and I will find a way of running of a session or two that twigs with Australia timezones. (Which one are you in - Perth might a fun challenge to fit in with).

Looking at Snip, it feels like Readwise for podcasts. I will of course immediately note it in Obsidian :slight_smile:

The question that came up - is it healthy to sync our highlights into Obsidian? In theory I only use mine to tell me what I want to summarize. In practice I sometimes forget to practice the theory.

FWIW Most of my notes came from my own prep for the call. One more person took notes, If they’re not comfortable posting directly, I’m happy to anonymize.

Finally, my gut feeling is that this group will evolve into a monthly checkin on what is working and where want to grow,

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Left or playing with? I’ve played with a lot fo SW but that doesn’t mean I’m switching.

For me, yes. I no longer have to retye my notes or coble together stuff to get the data into Obsidian. I’ve already been able to more easily find stuff I know I read recently by looking at backlinks and how I thought of it links.

I’m starting to do this as well, still playing with the various YAML bits I want combined with Dataview things but it looks promising.

My dashboard note is evolving into what I am typically looking for when I am on my phone or iPad and not my main computers. Dashboard gets me to what I am most often searching for when mobile. I did not think it would work that way for me.

Intersting. I’ve gone to still mostly the one big Adversaria folder but have started to settle into my older folders for active proects, a folder for one off action support and an inbox folder.

I use MOC notes instead of folders.

MOC and TOC type notes are critical to me.

I agree with this assesment.

I’m finding graph view critical during weekly reviews and also during inbox clearing/processing of my notes. Ic an clean up faster by seeing the rphans and also see the clusters I need to split apart much more easily in graph view compared to other tools. I love it myself.

Sounds good to me

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I am based in Sydney so it is GMT+10 or GMT+11 for daylight saving. Seriously , last thing you want is to fiddle with timezones, I have done that when I was doing full time work, had to juggle between US East coast, west coast, India, Europe and Australia, at the end someone had to suffer, no fun doing that

I am happy to just borrow your ideas and thoughts from the notes. Once again, thank you for sharing.

I’ve spent enough time switching platforms in the past few years and not enough time actually writing notes.

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Yesterday, Roam; this morning, Obsidian or Logseq; Tomorrow, Scrintal; next week, Tana…? I’m always kicking the tyres on some new app or other, but it’s dizzying how some of these PKM proselytizers can go all in on something, generate huge amounts of stuff in them, then jump ship and passionately espouse the virtues of the next amazing tool. It’s all a journey, I guess, and I admire the ability to build a side-hustle/career as they go… I just don’t have that kind of energy!

I am intrigued by the rise of visual/spatial/canvas/workspace PKM apps, though. :wink:

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Keeping an eye out for the next date— presuming it’ll be posted in this thread?

anyone looking at this from a business analyst point of view?
keeping track of multiple projects, managing stakeholders, deliverables, requirements and user stories?

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Strangely, I will post the next meetup invite in a few minutes.

I’m sticking to Obsidian for the foreseeable future. I’ve spent too many years chasing perfection. My ADHD often gets the better of me. So I’ve committed to several years in Obsidian and will only change if it fails stops working or stagnates so badly that it’s not relevant.

FWIW You mention white boarding, I assume you’re aware the Obsidian devs have started work on drawing inside the app. I’m intrigued, even if it just gives me a simple tool for concept/mindmapping on the fly I would be a happy camper.

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We’re interested in real humans. All kinds :wink:

2nd Meetup planning - Fantastical Proposal: PKM Meetup — Fantastical Proposals

Please choose as many options as you can so that we have a chance of finding something that works for everyone

It’s the week of Halloween, when I have my next sabbatical week planned.

I am using Obsidian to manage all of my AnimalTrakker™ development, track my alpha users, including emails, details of their database conversions, results of field demos, document interactions with thenm and am even archiving my slack messages from the workspace we discuss things among the various collaborators working on the code and database structures and designs.

The structure of how to sort it all out is evolving but I like having it all in one place.

I’m lurking currently but I think this is a very interesting topic of conversation.

I don’t sync my Readwise automatically with anything. I’m new to Readwise, but I don’t want things going into my PKM without my knowledge. I do manually export what I want from Readwise though and add it myself. I feel like doing it “consciously” is important. (Possibly nonsense.)

I’m very interested in this comment. I’m still not very happy with my book set-up (commented on elsewhere in this forum and @OogieM has advised me before but I’ve still not reached utopia!).

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I’m very interested in this thread and as someone who has also has a small business. At the moment, my needs fall mostly in the category of project management with a small amount of CRM (though that may change soon enough). CRM is the weakest link in my workflow.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my current setup using combinations of Obsidian, Curio, and Devonthink (and Alfred). Curio has allowed me to create custom boards that provide different high level views. I have found that having different high level visual perspectives can be powerful for work. But that’s true (or mostly true) when they really “click” with me and what I’m doing at the moment.

All that said, the visual overviews of the above-named note-taking apps are interesting.

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