PKM/Zettelkasten/etc self support group?

Earlier in the day I was considering purchasing Nick Milo’s LYT workshop for wackload of money. I realized the real value I was going to get was seeing what/how other people did clever things with their PKM/ZK system. Instead of spending the money, I thought I might spin up a group of like minded MPU denizens.

My rough idea meet virtually a couple of times a month to see what other people are doing shepherd their knowledge/ideas. Each time we meet, we might share what we’ve been working on, books/videos/etc that influencing our journey.

Tool chain: I use Obsidian, DevonThink and Reader (new app from Readwise). DevonThink is for reference sources and canonical copies of things; Reader for reading and highlighting; Obsidian for highlights from Reader and then my notes on the same.

FWIW I also have professional grade zoom account so I can always be the host.

Background: I’m an independant consultant helping teams in the Agile/Scrum world to be more effective.

Who would like to join me in figuring PKM ish stuff for no $$$ spent? Bonus points if you have experience making Apple Shortcuts work well with the aforementioned tools.


There’s lots of this out on the internet already, no? Youtube, Reddit, etc. Or even a simple thread here on MPU for sharing setups would work.

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I can see the value of a focused group (in spite of various subreddits, YouTube vids etc).

There’s something quite appealing about regular real-time conversations. A dedicated group could offer a way to quickly establish accountability for progress and real-world adoption (and perhaps bespoke adaptation) of these sometimes quite abstract systems without having to sift signal vs noise in a subreddit, and to get in on a conversation at ground level rather than be overwhelmed in the attempt to immerse yourself in a long-running exchange. A new thread here might work, but a dedicated group might make it easier to guard against fizzling out or diversion from purpose. Also, it’s not an either-or thing— doesn’t hurt to have a group of people to compare notes with while still taking advantage of other pre-existing resources.

Keeping an eye on this thread with interest.


Have you tried searching Facebook for a like-minded group?

Not sure if this was meant for me or the OP!

Personally, I prefer to avoid Facebook. Among other things, I occasionally lurk the Antinet and Zettelkasten subreddits, the forum, some Nesslabs threads and a Tools for Thought Twitter community, and I keep half an eye on Chris Aldrich’s musings/research on zettelkasten, common-placing and related topics. I’m not really going out of my way to find new resources at this point (though I’m always happy to take a quick glance at something to see how useful it might be, if anyone has specific recommendations); really, I was just responding to the OP’s call for interest, and saw a potential opportunity here to support/join a new conversation about PKMs and tools for thought with a dedicated group of people who share an interest in refining what they currently do. :wink:

I won’t use Facebook. They’ve done so much damage to society, all in the name of getting and keeping eyeballs.

@ThatNerd I’m aware of the Reddit, YouTube, … , they all miss my goal.

Professionally I help teams improve their collaboration and become more effective. It seems strange to me to pursue PKM improvements in isolation, given collaboration is at the core of what I do.

I hope that collaborating with other people:

  • I will see their evolution in this space
  • They will see mine
  • We will comment on each other’s setups and about potential tweaks
  • We exchange ideas occasionally about related things we’ve seen and read that helped. There are so many PKM videos, that I can’t separate the dross from the gems.
  • All of these things will lead to mutual accountability

Someone else has commented, it will be hard to find common times. Maybe? I plan to run an experiment.


I would be interested.

I’m in if you’ll have me, tool set Obsidian, Omnifocus, Reader (from Readwise) and transitioning out of DEVONThink and Scrivener (yes I had PKM like stuff in Scrivener )

Sugestion/request avoid discord & facebook. I’ve found runnig a slack channel (freebie) and a zoom account for the face toface works great for my Mastermind group YMMV

Plus 100 to this. I maintain a facebook presence just so my name isn’t stolen for nefarious purposes but I refuse to use it.


I might also be interested in giving this a try!

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I’d be interested to participate. I have a similar tool set (Obsidian, DEVONTHink, Drafts, Hook)

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My setup’s pretty vanilla, but I’d be interested.

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Also interested! Using Obsidian, Drafts, and Matter, as well as a homegrown VSCode-based solution at work.

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I’m toolset agnostic. I’m interested in what people are doing that works. I may yet consider a Slack channel although my dislike for Slack is only exceeded by my disdain for Discord. (Think an Obsidian user who grits their teeth every time they log into discord).

Let’s plan the first event in theory Fantastical has replaced WhenIsGood for me: PKM Experience Sharing group — Fantastical Proposals

I’ve blocked 90 minutes for the first slot. Once I get a better sense of how this works I will iterate. Inspect and Adapt.

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And the survey says this Thurs Sept 29 @ 1pm Eastern Time is best. (Sorry to the one person who asked for Tues - you were the only one). Zoom link should now be included in the invite.

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I missed the chance to vote but can probably make that time can I get an invite again please?

I think I need to send you a meeting invite at this stage. give me an email address via the forum messaging tool and I will invite you.


I’m interested; however, I have a conflict on 29 September 1:00pm Eastern. Will you be recording? (and understood if not…I have mixed feelings about recording). How do I make certain that I have the chance to join any future sessions? – Should I just continue to follow this thread, or is there some other sign-up method? Thanks.

I won’t record, I would rather people be open and honest. I will make sure you know about the next meetup, which will either occur: Oct 12/13 or 24/25/26.

Shoot me a message via the discourse messaging function, with your email.
- Mark

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Good call! Thanks @mlevison for hosting!
(Not tagging other folks, as I don’t know if they want to be.)

Here’s a link to Heptabase, that I’m currently using, and to Scrintal, that is similar, but not generally released yet.