Plan, Track and Process - How I Use My 12.9” iPad Pro (1st Gen) June 2018


My current iPad dock includes shortcuts to some frequently used apps, but the truth is that I set those up some months ago. I don’t find I have to maintain my dock with any diligence, because I don’t change my workflow often. I utilize split screen and drag and drop functions regularly, so Files, Gladys and Safari see regular use. I’ve long subscribed to action folders, and similar to David, I chose to categorize my folders as: Learn, Make, Play, Work. I pull from the first page of these folders often while in split screen.

I might assume the three apps in my dock which may not be as familar to many to be Affinity Photo, Gaia and Stellarium. I like to spend my non-work hours off-roading, camping, hiking, sometimes surfing and taking photos. These are my preferred planning, tracking and processing apps. My home screen photo was taken at one of my favorite surf spots, Huntington Beach, California, a.k.a. Surf City.

While I do a fair amount of reading using the Kindle app, Overdrive (for borrowed materials from the public library), Marvel Unlimited and ComiXology for keeping up with Lando and Falcon (until the Avengers: Infinity War happened) and Unread for keeping up with my RSS feeds, I keep these app icons on the first page of their relevant folders or just use cmd + space bar to call the app when I need it.

Using the dock for multi-taking is helpful, but I tend to use use keyboard shortcuts more often in my workflow.

Thanks @MacSparky for sharing an updated look at your screen. I look forward to seeing the shares from others.