Planning/Diagramming Tool - not quite house build!

I’m planning a new campervan build… first stop, working out which base panel van to start with & then working out how to fit things into that space.
I’m tempted to use a pencil & graph paper, but it would be nice to have it on apple systems. Is there an app you use for this kind of thing?

Sounds like a fun project!

Take a look at Autocad, Fusion360 and Sketchup. Each has their pros and cons, but they’re all more than capable.

A quick Google search turned this up-

Sketchup works pretty well for this kind of thing. For a more manual approach, Omnigraffle, perhaps

I second OmniGraffle if you want complete control like a pen and paper. I have planned many different event spaces with it and find it an excellent tool once you get over the initial learning curve.

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Thanks - never occurred to me that there might be a van-design specific option!

Any recommendations for Omnigraffle tutorials.