Planning schoolwork for the kids?

Hey everybody,

I have my own time management issues, but making sure my kids (kindergarten and 3rd grade) are doing their schoolwork creates an entire superset of time management/ organizational issues. Making sure they know what to do. When to do it, how to do it, how to keep everything halfway organized so we can find what they need, how to make sure they’ve done what they needed to do…

And my wife and I need to be able to do our jobs at the same time.

Has anyone put together a good system for this?

Or have any ideas?

The children are our future. But they are also overwhelmingly the present.

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I heard someone talk about using a scrum board on a podcast recently, but they didn’t go into a lot of detail and I can’t remember exactly who… @mikeschmitz maybe?


When I read this, the first thing I thought of was a Trello-like physical board, i.e. kanban board for kids.
I then received Google validation :slight_smile:


This Homework Tsunami from another forum has some good tips

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Here’s a good article from the sweet setup:

I feel your pain!


Wasn’t me. I like kanban, but never actually started using it with my family.

Here’s a good TED talk by Bruce Feiler on the topic though:

He also wrote a book about it:

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oh no

I was reasonably convinced I heard it on Focused. Now figuring it out is going to torture me.

Whatever the discussion was, though, it doesn’t really matter to this conversation—the person didn’t get into specifics whatsoever.