Play/Pause does not work on Airpods

I got some new Airpods (non pro v2) recently which worked perfectly.

I have the left one setup to invoke Siri and the right to Play/Pause.

For some reason a few days ago, the right one skips back a few seconds when I double tap. This happens in Overcast. Nothing happens in Music or Plexamp (i.e. it doesn’t play/pause)

I’ve checked the settings and they were right, I’ve tried swapping to off (which I confirmed did nothing when double tappedand then back to Play/Pause and it still does the same thing.

  1. Skip back a few seconds isn’t even an option
  2. Anyone got any ideas before I unpair and repair.

I’ve had similar experiences a while back. It took the phone being shut down completely, waiting to make sure it was off, and then turning the device back on. When the AirPods reconnected, all was OK. Not sure if is the same issue, but wanted to share just in case.

Doh! Thanks. This did the trick.