Play radio stations on HomePod Mini?

On the old Echo in our kitchen most evenings we say, “Alex, play [name of local sports radio station].” And it immediately streams the radio station. Been doing this for years. I never had to set anything up with the Echo, it just works. And it works reliably.

Can the HomePod Mini do this? If so, I haven’t been successful yet.

Thanks in advance!

I just tried this for the first time the other day, and it worked.
I think Siri said she/it was using iHeartRadio to do so, the station might need to be affiliated with them.

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I use it to play Radio X UK and it plays using TuneIn Radio apparently. The Echo plays the same station but not sure how.

How did you invoke? What did you actually say? The stations I’m interested in are also IHeartRadio stations.

“Hey Siri, play WABE”

I didn’t get that, could you try again?

“Hey Siri, play W A B E” (trying to be less southern / more articulate)

Now playing…


Got it working, thanks! :slight_smile:

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I use the app Receiver to do this via a shortcut. Works well and also works in my non CarPlay car.