Playing MP3 on iPhone

I’ve got some mp3 files stored on my iPhone (language tapes). Are there good apps to listen to such files or is the built-in Files player the best option?

I don’t have Apple Music, so assume the Music app wouldn’t work?

I use VLC for music and BookPlayer for audiobooks. Both free.

I can right click on an MP3 file in the Finder and select Open With Music App. You don’t need to be signed up for anything.

I think OP wanted iPhone support?

Documents by Readdle works well for me.

The app Bound is great for listening to audio files stored in cloud services (eg, dropbox).

If your MP3 files are audio books (no DRM), then I would strongly suggest using MP3 audiobook player app on iPhone

Just sync your Music library from Mac to iPhone.

Where are those MP3-files stored?
If it is within the normal Apple-Files-App, where you also could reach iCloud-Files and so on, it should be sufficient to just click on the MP3, to open and play them.

Documents, as already mentioned by @ThatNerd is a good option. I’d also recommend Evermusic.

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