Playing music to multiple homepods from Mac Ventura?

Hi. I sometimes want to play music to multiple homepods in different rooms. (i.e. I have one homepod per room). This is straightforward in iOS but I can’t figure out how to do on my M1 MacBook Pro.


I paired two HomePods on iOS, and macOS Ventura picked up on the pairing, via Home app I suppose, and I can point my MacBook to the paired set in the Sound widget in Control Center.

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So the configuration is first done on iOS and then used on the Mac.


If using the Apple Music app, click on the “airplay” icon in the left upper corner. It will show a list of all your airplay speakers, then select as many as you want.

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I’d forgotten about the “airplay” icon in the Music app, thanks. This certainly works for the Music app and allows two or more homepods simultaneously, no problem.

However, I often use other media apps for playing audio files such as Elmedia and VLC. These apps don’t seem to have an “airplay” icon so I’ve been using the Sound icon in my menu bar to change /select audio output from my Mac.

It is this method which only allows me to select one audio output destination at a time.

(Apologies for not being more precise with my original question.)

Take a look at Airfoil by Rogue Ameba.

Thanks for reminding me of Airfoil. I tried it many years ago but had forgotten about it. Of course, for anything audio on the Mac, look to Rogue Amoeba. Just purchased. Looking forward to trying speaker groups. Thanks again. :grinning:

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Yes, I’d forgotten about Airfoil, thanks. Have used several Rogue Amoeba apps over the years and think they’re great.

The only thing is, since I switched to the M1 MacBook Pro, I’ve really been put off the requirement to boot into the “Recovery” environment to change System Security to “Reduced Security” setting. It’s just off-putting.

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That’s because of some security mechanisms Apple has added to macOS over the years, without changing the system security setting that same functionality wouldn’t be possible.

Don’t like this…