Pleasant surprise: Safari 15.1 gets tabs right

I was prepared to hate the Compact view and go back to the Separate view but, dang, the compact view is nice.

Apple has solve the problem of figuring out which is the active tab. The active tab is the one with all the gadgets inside it–the hamburger menu and the padlock.

I like having the address bar hidden by default. If I need to see the URL, I can just CMD-L and there I am.

I don’t mind having the Favorites bar below the tabs. I think John Gruber hates it, but Mr. Gruber and I will have to disagree here.

Well done, Apple!

Okay, I’m trying it again. I really want to like it!

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If you prick him does he not bleed?
Just a man.
If you like it, that’s all that matters.


In the past few months I’ve used Monterey beta, I changed it to Separate Tab Layout. Then a few weeks ago, I tried Compact and gotten used to it especially on a small screen such as my work 13" MBP. I’ve also gotten used to Tab groups so I don’t have dozens of tabs on Safari so compact all the way!

Put me as a Compact person as well, mainly because I like how the website colour scheme bleed over to the whole Safari.

We should do a Poll, you know.

  • Compact
  • Separate

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Completely agree. I didn’t try the beta so I don’t know how it was, but when I tried it this week I really liked the compact view, and after a few days of use it’s how I intend to continue using Safari.

Well done Apple indeed!

“Just a man, with a man’s courage…” if we’re going to trade cultural references. :slight_smile:

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How do you get Safari 15.2?

Is it part of Monterey?

(I just got 15.1 on Big Sur)

PS: Can someone please post a screenshot to see what it looks like?

yeah, not sure how @MitchWagner scores that. I am on Monterey and is on 15.1. Gladly, it has compact view and I am trying that now. I am not sure I like it as similar sites are hard to differentiate

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 7.14.54 pm

On the other hand I also have Safari Technology Review and it is on 15.4

Typo. I meant to say 15.1. Corrected in the subject line. Thanks for pointing it out, @rob and @fuzzygel !