Please identify the beta you are using when posting

For those of us following along the threads in the Beta Town category, please indicate in the title what beta you are using? “iOS 15b1” or something like that.


Based on past practice, the developer betas and public betas will have separate numbering sequences. Maybe iOS 15db1 and iOS 15pb1?


Once you are a few Betas in I find it hard to know what Beta I am on - is there some place I’m missing to see it?

I go Settings: General: Software update and it just says “X”, your software is up to date, not “X, beta 4” where is the better place to find the ßeta version that I am missing?

On macOS press the Apple key and view About this Mac…

On iOS open Settings, press your person tile (right at the top of Settings). You’ll see a list of all the devices signed into that iCloud. Click any device and it will tell you the OS version it is on.

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