Please keep me from smashing a very expensive phone!

I have a problem that plagued my iPhone 6S+ and followed me to the newest model (iPhone XS).

There are about 5 JPG files I downloaded from websites (memes). And, no matter what I do, they show up as “new” photos when I import photos (Each-and-EVERY-time). … These five photos now have imported so many times that they are about 140 imported photos in my photos app on my mac, etc. … So MANY duplicates.

I grabbed them long ago and can’t find them to delete the originals (I thought I did once) … still can’t seem to root out the originals.

I think I have all my photos backed up via cloud and dropbox, how can I delete all the photos on my phone without deleting the ones in the cloud?

I’ve gotta kill these five memes without smashing my phone – a very expensive solution!!

I’ve thought about an iPhone version of nuke-and-pave; but we have a work-app that I’d need to talk w/ our admins. about re-installing. Trying to avoid that (only because they are hard to reach).

Any thoughts?



Grab an App to edit the EXIF data and
corrert the dates.

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I’d sign out of iCloud. It will ask you if you want to delete data on the phone. I’d say yes.

Now that your isolated from the cloud, delete all photos on the phone.

Next, Verify iCloud is the way you want it and the sign back in on the phone and let it sync down to the phone.

That’s what I would try. Good luck.