Plexicam is way better than I imagined

I love simple, effective and functional designs. I saw Plexicam come by in a YouTube setup video and was intrigued as to what product it was and where to get it. It was unfortunately not described in the comments section so I went on a search.

The problem I had - while working on a 32" monitor - was that any camera on top or below the monitor would be off-angle. I needed something in front of my screen, but not taking my view of it away.

I got my Plexicam Pro+ delivered and I am way more impressed than I thought I would be. Gone is my squeaking and constantly moving flex arm and I now have a solid eye height set up with additional brightness and colour adjustable video light. If you don’t need the camera anymore, just turn it around and hang it off the back of your monitor and it is out of sight.


That’s a great idea!
The lack of eye contact has always bothered me on online calls.
Not to mention looking up people’s nose.

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So where can I get one of those wireless webcams?



They are DIY


I replaced the stock USB C cable with an ultra-thin one and it works great. Cable is not intrusive to the solution

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Link to cable, please?
Which webcam do you have?

I am using the Logitech Brio 4k.

Will need to look up the cable. and update this post when I find it. I think it came with the Remarkable 2 and not for sale separately.

Thanks, but never mind :slight_smile:
I’m sending the Brio back.

Hi Kirk - looks like google finally indexed this page, otherwise I would’ve never found it!

I’m the co-founder of PlexiCam, and of course we get questions about wireless cameras (and small cameras) all the time.

There are several wireless cameras available:

  1. Mevo Start (acquired by Logitech a year or so ago)
  2. iPhones/iPads via the Continuity Camera feature of latest Mac OS
  3. Using Reincubate’s Camo Studio - which turns iOS and Android smartphones into wireless cameras

And more coming along soon, or so I hear!


Thanks for the update, Dan.
Welcome to the forum.