Plus size pro and con

I‘m considering getting the big phone when it comes out, but I‘m unsure how I‘d like it in every day use. Of course I had my hands in a plus phone in the store, but only for a few minutes.

Isn’t it annoying to use two hands with it all the time? Or can you use it one-handed as well?

Can you fit it in the front pockets of your jeans (I don’t wear the skinny type)?

Where do you really see the advantage of the bigger screen?

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I was unsure then I got one and would never use a smaller screen again, Try it - you can always exchange it.


I bought the 8+ for the bigger screen. Big surprise for me, the killer feature turned out to be battery life. A year latter I still finish most days with 60% battery left. This is the first iPhone I’ve owned (started with the 4) that I haven’t had battery anxiety. Amazing how freeing that is. The only time I watch my battery is when using Waze in the car. That app is just a battery killer.

I use two hands all the time and it fits in my front pocket just fine.

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I had a 7 Plus and was dropping constantly despite having large hands and pockets its a 2 handed device. For the the iPhone X size works very well.

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I know I won’t go for a plus size phone. I already can barely hold my iPhone 8 in one hand and there is no way it fits in any pants pockets except my cargo pants. However, when I put it there it’s in harms way from sheep, fences etc. even in an OtterBox case. I carry it and a notetaker wallet in a belt pouch. Purses, straps and other dangly things are dangerous on a farm so it’s not an option to put it in a purse.

I see no need for a bigger screen on my phone. I never use it for things that take a larger screen. My iPad is for reading and all other stuff is on either my main desktop or my laptop.

Just because I can do something on all devices doesn’t mean it’s efficient or reasonable to do so.


Phil Schiller said the new xsmax will be about the same size as the previous Plus iPhones. I use my 6S Plus one-handed all the time, though I choose to use it two-handed for fast thumb-typing, and it fits in my front pocket, with headphones connected as well, quite easily. It’s just not a problem.

Can you use it one-handed? Depends on how big your hands are and how coordinated you are.

um, everywhere.

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It’s worth noting that while the iPhone X is the same size as the iPhone 6/7/8, many people find it harder to use one-handed than the older phones because the bigger display on the same size body means a longer reach to get to the far corners of the screen (especially top and bottom). So, I’d expect that for some people (depending on hand size) the Xs Max will be harder to use one-handed than the 6+/7+/8+.


How many is “many”? I’d say this is essentially a non-issue for the vast majority of the 65 million iPhone X customers who bought that phone.

It seemed to come up on various Apple podcasts pretty frequently when the iPhone X came out.

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Sounds like a tiny vocal minority, doesn’t it? Especially since the hypercritical press would have long ago jumped on a valid (or not-so-valid) criticism of the newest iteration of the Jesus Phone had it bubbled up even a bit in regular usage by regular people.

It’s prevalent enough that I think someone who’s concerned about the usability of the larger iPhone Xs Max might want to wait and handle one in a store rather than making a decision sight-unseen based on their experience with one of the old plus phones.

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No one suggested anyone with questions to buy sight unseen, merely that stories about the current iPhone X being problematic to “many” people might be overblown.

Yeah I’m wondering how much more difficult the Max will be based on the increased screen real estate. I have found some difficulty handling my 6s Plus from time to time. Don’t think I’ll be ordering when first available and try it out in store first. The screen is gorgeous. The xR also doesn’t look like a bad phone at the price.

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The 6S Plus is 77.9 x 158.2 x 7.3mm and weighs 192g. It has 1920-by-1080 pixel resolution
The Max is 77.4 x 157.5 x 7.7mm and weighs 208g. It has has 2688‑by-1242 pixel resolution

That gives the max 60% more resolution than our 6S Plus in a phone that’s actually ever so slightly smaller overall than our phone, and adds about 5 pennies of weight.

This is what I’ve been waiting for. :star_struck:


Pro Or Con… for me, you, and them.

I know the size of an 8 plus. The Max is what I want. One of my ancient Nexus 7 tablets will fit comfortably in my jeans pocket… err, so long as I don’t sit down.

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I’ve been waiting for this day since the rumors started. I’m glad they are now official. I’m buying the 6.5.

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One more thing: the last several generations of 7.9" iPad Mini had 2048-by-1536 resolution. So the new iPhone xsmax actually offers 6% better resolution than the iPad Mini! That was my favorite non-Pro iPad, a perfect size for one-handed reading in bed and using as a mobile sheet music library. The Max now ought to be able to replace the mini for those cases. (Glad I sold mine prior to this announcement!)

One thing to keep in mind is that the XS Max is effectively 3x retina, while the Retina mini was 2x. So while the XS Max has more pixels, that doesn’t necessarily translate to screen real estate (at least in most apps). Some of those pixels are going to making things sharper rather than fitting more stuff on the screen.

That said, it definitely seems like the XS Max would be able to replace an iPad mini in a lot of roles. If I wasn’t a die-hard small (well, these days more like medium) phone guy it would be very tempting.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using the 7 Plus for two years. The SUPER DUPER MAX XTREME AWESOME phone is reportedly the same size as the 7 Plus, with an even bigger display. Even though I’m satisfied with the 7 Plus, I’m going with the smaller phone this time around. It’s hard for me to reach across the screen with my thumb when I’m holding the phone one-handed.

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I hear you and it is beautiful but for once I’m trying to be practical…and I’d rather not be.