Pocket Broken On Mac?

Anyone else who uses Pocket have issues with accessing their Favorites or Archive Tab within Pocket?

Whenever I try to open them, it crashes on my mac.

What does everyone use as a read it later service?

I was bouncing between Pocket, Instapaper, Safari Reading List and an occasional excursion into Pinboard.

Recently, I settled on Instapaper. The app seemed cleaner than Pocket on iPad/iPhone, with less clutter at the top and bottom. I liked the typography better. But really it’s a very, very close call between Instapaper and Pocket.

Then Safari 13 came out and broke the Instapaper extension. So I went back to Reading List.

And now I’m liking Reading List a lot. The Safari reading view is much better than either Instapaper or Pocket at clearing away page clutter without making its own mess.

One thing I could do with Instapaper or Pocket is save my place when I left an article midway through reading. My workaround is to save a link to a Note, and copy-and-paste a little text from where I stopped reading. When I come back to an article, I search for that text and resume.

I’m trying to save fewer articles for reading later. They become like a million little to-dos nagging at me.

I use Pocket (free account) to “grab” sth fast and read it later in Reeder.

Works fine on macOS 10.14.6. Maybe try deleting the app then re-downloading it and repopulating articles?

Are you able to switch lists? to Favorites and Archives?

The app works great until I click the triangle under Pocket and pick a different tab.

No, it’s working for me.

I’m using v.1.8.4 (128) from the Mac App Store, which got updated around a week ago.

Got the update, works fine!
Strange thing though, the App Store didn’t inform me of the update. I had to search for it myself.
When I found it, it had the little cloud sign on there, even though the App was on my computer and always installed from the App Store previously.

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