PocketCasts Thoughts

Calling all PocketCasts users. I am interested in hearing why you like using this app over others. Does it have a feature that you like that you can’t get anywhere else?

For a side project of mine, I listen to a LOT of different podcasts. Some last one episode and some I keep around. I am a big fan of Overcast and am not interested in actually going to another app. Instead, I’m thinking there may be a benefit for me to use two different apps - Overcast for my regulars and something else to temporarily try new podcasts.

I tried Castro, Stitcher, Downcast, Apple’s app and others but they don’t do it for me for one reason or another. Before I pay a few bucks for PocketCasts, I’m curious what people like about it. It’s probably the biggest one out there that I haven’t tried.

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I love it.

  • Support for video podcasts makes it a no-brainer for me over Overcast, which I also like a lot.
  • Supports premium podcasts, with a login/password
  • strong support of real-time syncing of playback position between my ipad and iphone
  • web interface for times I want to listen on my laptop

Check it out!


If you’re having lots of trouble finding the app for you, it’s worth it as a punt. Even if it’s not for you, at least you’ll know you’ve explored all your options.

Pocket Casts is not my preferred client, though. I didn’t care for the queueing system’s interface. It may not bother you if you are more likely to manually choose the next episode. I also found its voice enhancement feature a bit lacking.

That said, though, I really liked the filter system, which is quite nuanced compared to other podcast players. (It needs more icons, though!) The directory is good too and benefits from not being curated by a US-based entity. I liked how it picked up colours from podcast artwork to use in the UI in various places, too. The list of episodes is also quite compact, which can be helpful if you’re looking at a large number of episodes.

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Pocket casts has zero support for handoff and continuity. I have settled on RSSRadio. It has the features of Pocketcast and the polish of overcast. Everything is configurable. Very nice

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The biggest reason I use pocketcasts is because it supports video playback, it’s the only podcast player on iOS that I am aware of that supports it. Also, having a web player and desktop apps (for windows and Mac) is really nice as well but it costs an additional $10.00. I also really like that it has listening stats, which is kind of a pointless feature but it’s really cool to see things like total listening time climb upwards.

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Thank you all for your thoughts. I found a video that showed Pocket Casts and watched it last night. For whatever reason, I didn’t love the UI but it did make me rethink how I use Overcast.

The issue is that in the past, I bought Castro because so many people loved it and I found it completely unintuitive. I think a big part of that is because I’ve used Overcast so long, that anything that deviates too much from the way that UI works, can be confusing for this simple mind.

I subsequently spent some time setting up some Overcast playlists to see if that will help with my situation. If that ultimately fails, I’ll continue my search for other solutions.

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