Podcast Equipment Bag Recommendations?

Wondering if anyone has a good bag recommendation for their podcast equipment. I currently use those Swiss Backpacks. But it gets heavy after a while and I feel like everything is just in there moving around.

I carry enough equipment for a 2-3 person portable setup. Everything gets recorded on to the Zoom H6. But after all the equipment is in there, there is little room for anything else.

What’s the equipment list aside from the Zoom? Personally I like Tom Bihn bags, I have their Synik 22 and put equipment in it to record the member’s only episode of Automators for this year’s Relay FM member month, that was 2 mics, two mic tripods, my Zoom (H4N Pro), two tripods and a camera (and an iPhone mount for the second tripod).

Zoom H6
2 mics
2 mic tripods
2 mute switches
2 headphones (ATM50)
Headphone amplifier
XLR 3ft cabling (4)
Pouch full of random adapters lol

If there’s a 3rd person joining, I only have 1 extra mic and mic tripod to add. Or I depend on the 3rd party to bring some supplies

Don’t know if this is any help. When I did recordings in the past my equipment List was similar to yours except for four Audio-Technica mics and longer cables. (No large headphones…) It all fit in a messenger bag. But I always carried the bag and there were no airplanes or rough handling.

This is my bag but it’s no longer available on Amazon.

Is that the Eastern European toolbag that was popular 15 or so years ago? It looks great!