Podcast from beginning?

Is there a podcast app that makes it easy to listen to a podcast from the beginning? I sometimes find a new podcast that’s best heard sequentially, and I want to catch up. Most apps default to pulling in new episodes.

Fwiw, I use Castro most of the time, so if it’s possible there, even better. But if I have to, I’m willing to use a separate app when I want to catch up on something.

Overcast for iOS (only). Settings for individual Podcasts allow you to Sort first to last or last to first


Overcast also allows you to download/choose all podcasts in a feed (use the All button at the top)


This, with the caveat that many podcasts won’t have all of their episodes in the feed. The old episodes are almost always available somewhere, but it might be a matter of sideloading for older ones - particularly more than the last 100 episodes.


Ordering Oldest → Newest also available in PocketCasts, as is the “download all” feature. Sideloading also available if necessary - I’ve used that for downloaded lectures.


Thanks all! Seeing the description of Overcast reminded me I have Downcast, which also makes it easy to download all and then play in date-ascending order.

The iOS Podcasts app does allow this, though you do have to Follow the show, then go to the show listing, pick the 3 dots, choose Settings, and then you are allowed to choose between oldest to newest, or vice versa. Not the simplest steps, but doable.