Podcast Management - Catalina

With Podcasts in Catalina not having the option to download and store on external drives, does anyone have recommendations for other podcast management applications and/or other workaround ideas to get podcast media files off of the limited SSD file space to external storage?

Are you archiving a large number of shows? Is there an age at which the shows should be auto-archived? You might be able to find the folder(s) and use a Hazel rule or something to automate the moving of old episodes into a backup folder.

I archive podcasts by saving them into iTunes (whose library can be an external drive if desired).

Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, heaps. I manage content for technically challenged elderly relatives, and consequently have stuff going to multiple units. Some content unique, some shared. I considered going the Hazel route, and that will be my fall back option if my preference for saving directly to external storage doesn’t get to fly.

Thanks for the response. That is what I was doing until the Catalina induced iTunes changes. Hopefully Apple see fit to include external saving as an option sometime in the future. I read somewhere in researching this that it is an option for the new music app but not podcasts.