Podcasting setup advice

After years of using an old usb headset to record my podcast I’m ready to invest in something better. I tried to find some episodes where I know setup recommendations where given but there either seemed way too old now or i couldn’t find them.

I’m running a MacBook pro (late 2013) and getting something newer soon.

I’m happy to spend $500 - 600. Looking at getting a microphone, preamp, and supporting stuff like a desk mount arm and pop filter.

Either your experience or links to current reviews by folks you trust are welcome.

Jason Snell has a post on putting together a good but inexpensive podcasting setup. If you’re willing to spend more than that Marco Arment’s Podcasting Microphones Mega-Review seems to be the canonical place to start. If you’d like your podcast information in podcast form, there’s a lot of good info in the 200th episode of Upgrade.


Thank you. I’m off to listen to Upgrade.

Marco’s page looks great for approach but for recommendations it looks like it hasn’t been updated in a long time.

I podcast for a living and recently started a series on my podcasting workflow, including hardware recommendations. You can find my first entry on hardware here: https://www.bettnet.com/my-podcasting-workflow-hardware-setup/


For that budget, I’d go with:

  • Tascam USB 2x2
  • Shure 87A
  • K&M 23850 boom arm
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I’m keeping it simple with a Yeti and a pop filter attached. Works with my Mac and iOS Devices.

Got some sound advice from Ortega at Podcasters Studio. My last podcast was 4 years ago.

Blue Yet works fine in a quiet environment. My inexpensive favorite mic AudioTechnica 2100. USB XLR — Audacity to record and edit as a starting point. It’s aimed at podcasting not music and is inexpensive.

All depends on your show type, in studio guests or solo or roving in the field.

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Thanks everyone. I found the Audio Technica 2100 was on sale. So i went for it. It is arriving today. I like that It can just plug it into my laptop direct if I’m on the go or use a preamp and be fancier at my desk.

I decided to follow the advice to new folks on Upgrade (link in first reply) and not get too excited about buying gear unless I’m certain I need it. Even though I’m getting to episode 100. I did not order an amp yet. I figured I’d just test to out and see how it goes.

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That was my first podcasting microphone and I still have it as a secondary/backup/travel mic! It’s a good microphone for the price and flexibility.

Glad to hear it has served you well.

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I’ve been using the microphone for a week or so now. It is great. My technique needs some work but the mic is wonderful.

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Pleased to read that the 2100 is working for you. No pretense that its the worlds best mic. Flexible and competent… i actually used one in conjunction with the original Nexus 7 to do recordings. Investigate getting a shock mount and boom arm. Depending… it can add convenience and help maintain the correct distance mic to mouth.

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