Podcasts on the Mac

Hi Guys , what is your favourite way of listening to podcasts on the Mac (high sierra ) etc, any favourite podcast apps for mac os ?? thanks

I use PocketCasts on my iPhone for all my podcasts, and I paid a one-time fee ($9) to sync everything over to the PocketCasts web player.

That said, I sometimes don’t want to have a browser window open to play podcasts on my Mac, but I do want to play through the Audioengine speakers I have connected to it, so I’ll use AirFoil Satellite apps on my iPhone & iMac to turn the iMac into a receiver for anything I want to cast from my iOS device. (I own most stuff from the dev Rogue Amoeba, but I think AirFoil Satellite might be free.)

I have used PodcastMenu before which puts the Overcast web player in your menu bar. I don’t like how it doesn’t have smart speed, and it doesn’t play podcasts on 2x speed by default, but if you use Overcast and don’t mind those issues then it’s worth checking out.

Interesting, Thanks Guys