Podcasts Similar to Focused

Hi all, any one have any recommendations to other podcasts similar to Focused? I already know about Hurry Slowly, but what else is out there? Thanks!

Back to Work with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin is like Focused, but much less focused.

A friend of mine made a favorite episodes list—I can try to find it if you’d like.

What is it in particular you like about Focused that you’re searching for elsewhere?

I recently launched a productivity podcast with @HeyScottyJ called Nested Folders which may also be of interest :slight_smile:


Oh! The Getting Things Done podcast is actually pretty amazing, even if you’re not into GTD copyright David Allen Co. 2001. The back catalogue is worth exploring.

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Not at all the same format, but Basecamp’s Rework podcast has a lot of episodes about focusing on and completing what really matters to you and your company.

Yes, of course. I love Back to Work!

I really am interested in the discussions of cutting back distractions on our devices as well as the more work-life balance stuff like they talked about with Shawn Blanc in the most recent show.

I’ll check out your show too!

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