Point and shoot camera >> iCloud photos

I would love to have a point and shoot camera for taking photos, but one of my favourite things about taking photos on my iPhone is how easy and convenient it is to edit them on there.

Is there any camera that has a quick and easy way to get photos into Photos.app?

I tried wireless enabled cameras a few years ago and it was a terrible experience, has it improved? Or is there a better way?

Some cameras have apps that are easier to use to transfer photos wirelessly than others. Personally I just keep the lighting to USB and a USB to micro USB cable in my camera pouch and use that though.

I don’t do wireless either. For vacations I have a DSLR and my wife has a point and shoot and I have Apple’s Camera Connection Kit --SD card slot to lightning adapter. I import photos at the end of every day on to my iPad which has iCloud Photo Library enabled so that the photos eventually make it to all our devices including Mac at home.

If you have more than a small batch of photos to transfer the wired solution is still the best way to go.
Camera manifacturers apps got better nowadays, but wireless connection isn’t that reliable, as far I can tell.
Apple’s Camera Connection Kit works a charm.

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I’m on holiday at the moment and using a Panasonic LX100 which is probably 3 years old now. I think the Apple camera connection kit is the way to go but it is so expensive.

So I’ve been transferring wirelessly and it’s been good and fast. The Panasonic app was so slow but Cascadable has been really good. Free but with some paid extras. It seems to work for a number of cameras that create their own wireless connection but not Bluetooth as far as I can work out.

Being a freelance photographer I can relate to your wish for a better point and shoot --> iCloud solution.

However, after Apple added RAW support, and especially the last couple of years have made using the iPhone 7+, 8+, or X as a point and shoot camera a immensely great experience, and produce amazing results.

I went the iPhone only route a couple of years ago with my 6+, and switched to the 7+ last year and must say that though my previous DSLR did give a tad bit of better result, the 6+ & 7+ really gives it a competitive result.

So now I use my 7+ as a point and shoot camera shooting RAW in either Camera+ or Procam, and then do all post-processing on my MacBook, or if it’s for a quick on-the-go update/post/etc I use Pixelmator for iOS.

And the results really are amazing :slightly_smiling_face:

A simple way to do this is to get a USB card read and pop the card out of the camera and import it into Apple Photos. It is the simplest way.

Some tips:

  1. Do not delete photos from the card; EVER!
  2. Only format the card in your camera.
  3. Do not do not do not erase or reuse the card until you have your photos backed up.
  4. Keep three copies of all your images. Working copy, onsite-backup, and offsite backup.

I do not think that iCloud Photo Library as a backup it is a sync and sharing service.

NOTE: I do this every day with three or four cameras. It works!

NOTE2. There were several comments about just using your iPhone as your camera. That really can work. I am shooting with an iPhone X and it can be amazing. But there are limits with the small sensors and the fixed focal length lens. I have a couple of the moment.co lenses to extend the system and they help but add to carry needs.

NOTE3. Finding a good point and shoot camera is a bit hard these days. Look carefully before you buy one. dpreview.com is one place to look.

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Even though it’s probably irrational, I was hoping to keep the Mac out of the loop for this one. If nothing else it can take a long time for the pics to sync on a slow connection.

As soon as I had written the question I thought this is probably he way to go

Good to know, thank you!

Good advice, thank you. I’m due for an upgrade next year so maybe dual camera is tha excuse I need to get whatever next years iPhone X is called.