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Hello All,

I am sure this might not be the category for this question. Got the new iPhone 14 Pro with the fancy cameras and was wondering how is it best to keep the phone on the desk.

  • Face up
  • Face down

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Opinions are welcome

On a stand?

Do you have a case on the phone? Do you have a pad to put it on? Do you need to see notifications?

On my desk I keep it on a stand. On my night table, I have it face down, but I have a case that keeps the face of the phone above the surface.

A case could both protect the face, keeping it above the surface, and protect the camera bump.

But sans case, given the two options, I’d go face down.


If your phone and your Mac are both set to respond to “hey Siri”, keep it face down unless you want them to argue :grinning:

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Yes I have a case, a Spidgen Ultra Hybrid. I should trust that Apple would make a phone that would not scratch by simply laying it down, but it is that new phone fear.

Face up, it would be a waste to have an always on screen and have it face down!

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I’m face up, but have switched off the Always on screen. It adds very little to my experience of using the phone and I find it distracting when trying to work.

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My 2020 iPhone SE is usually face down, that way I don’t get distracted by notifications popping up on the lock screen, and I just see the back of the rainbow sparkles case I have it in. :rainbow: :star:

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If I remember correctly the screen will turn off when Face down or inside a pocket.


Face up, I use a case that makes the back of the phone flush - the camera sticking out without the case is incredibly annoying to me.

FWIW if I had no case I’d go face down and turn off always on display.

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