Poll: When will iTunes Match be discontinued?

I continue to rely 100% on iTunes Match for all music listening - but the ride can’t last forever, and the writing feels like it’s on the wall to end… I’m beginning to look around for alternative solutions that aren’t streaming services.

So, when do you think iTunes Match will be discontinued?

  • This year
  • Next year
  • Within 5 years
  • Within 10 years
  • Never

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I think the answer is as long as it is cost effective for Apple to keep running. The way that people listen to music has changed. The older generation bought all of their music and have that to listen to. I’m guessing that I have somewhere around 25,000 songs in iTunes Match. My son asks me why I don’t use Spotify (like he does) knowing that I’m a huge music fan. My answer is simple, I own most of the music I want to listen to and with iTunes Match I get the convenience of streaming it.

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Same here for me. I like buying music and sometimes even ripping used CDs that I find. Aside from old habits, I feel that there are some ethical implications to the streaming services that haven’t been satisfactorily addressed.