Poor Battery Life WatchOS 8.0.1

Has anyone else had really bad battery life on OS8? I use to get 2 days (0700-2200) out of my watch. After moving to OS8 I am at 10% at 2200 on day 1. I’ve lost what seems to be over 50% of the battery capacity.

I’ve tried repairing it, rebooting it. Is there anything else I can do?

That has not been my experience on my Series 6, it goes all day long with about 30% left after 24 hours (with a workout).

Could it be a rogue app? Anything recently installed? I really wish Apple would give us a battery chart like they do on iPhone to troubleshoot this.

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I have had the same. I tried restarting the watch and also unpairing it and repairing it. I think it has made a bit of a difference but still not what it used to be before the upgrade. I never used to get the 20% battery warning during a normal day, but do so now. Mine is a Series 5

I wear my Watch 6 24 hours a day. I make sure I charge it roughly every 12 hours (early morning, and late evening), otherwise it will run out of power sometime during one of those 12 hour periods.

Battery and I/O with ridiculously long app and music loading times have been the main drawbacks to the Watch product line – I have so far owned four of the six editions.

It was like that with wartchOS 7 as well?

That seems crazy to me. I put mine on the charger every night an hour before bed. I often wear it for a Fitness+ workout, but will turn it off for an hour or two if it’s a running/biking day, and it lasts me a full 24 hours. On days where I don’t run, and wear it the full day, I still make it all day.

I wonder what is causing such drastic differences?

I’m fine on 8 and 8.0.1, It’s hard to isolate and troubleshoot these things. Generally the differences in what people experience come down to:

  • Differences in complications/apps on the watch (e.g., my friend and I found in the past that the MLB complication interacted badly with one generation of watchOS)
  • Some bug introduced by your particular combination of hardware and software update history that’s fixed by a reset and re-pair
  • Inexplicably bad luck that persists through re-pairing, resets, etc.

I don’t have a Watch 7, just a Watch 6 (which is running WatchOS 8.0.1).

To be clear – my watch doesn’t run out of juice in 12 hours. Rather, I charge every 12 hours because I know from experience it will run out of juice between 12 and 24 hours. I use the software a lot, all day long, for AnyList, Drafts, Reminders, Music, Workouts, Sleep, texting, calling, etc.

Neither Watch OS 8 or 8.0.1 have had an impact on battery life for me on a Series 6.

I have a Series 4 and every once in a long while (maybe after OS updates, but not sure if there is a real correlation), my battery life drops for a day or two. Beyond that, I always seem to have about 35-40% left after a 17-18 hour day, with a 1.5 hour running workout thrown in. This has not changed since I got the watch and is still the case with OS 8.0.1.

I have a series 3 and 8.0.1 has hammered the battery life. A friend of mine with a series 5 is having the same issue.

I get a low power warning quite regularly, which I never had before, and my usage has not changed one bit.

I get this as well, maybe once every 3-4 months? The battery will drain really quickly for a day or two. I usually do a reboot if I notice it and everything is fine the next day.

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Yes, I’ve had a very similar experience. I have a Series 4 Nike with Watch OS 8.01. Since I recently moved to an iPhone 13 Pro I was wondering if it might be related to syncing with an iPhone with iOS 15.02.