Popclip introduced "Extension Snippets" -- make your own

I am a big fan of PopClip. I probably could not count the number of times I use it every day. Now the developer Nick Moore has introduced a great new feature – extension snippets. The idea is simple. Select the text below, PopClip will ask if you want to install an “Emojipedia extenstion”. Say yes, and you’re done. Now, whenever you want to search for an emoji in Emojipedia select it and Popclip will send the request to Emojipedia. The possibilities for Extension Snippets are broad – see the Popclip forum for more examples and help.

# popclip
name: Emojipedia
url: https://emojipedia.org/search/?q=***

Wow. That’s brilliant. I’m already seeing possibilities for work. Especially not that I can trigger PopClip with the keyboard.

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