Popclip issues - need confirmation

Hi there,

I have a feeling that Popclip in unreliable in last time. It:

  • Often appears only on second selection
  • Sometimes appears but drops the selection
  • “Copy” not always copies selected text in the clipboard

Can someone confirm mentioned problems or is it only me? I am thinking about rewrite the actions I use for LaunchBar and drop it completely.

P.S.: I also sometimes have a feeling that they are partially related to Chrome browser…

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I have those problem sporadically, usually restarting popclip fixes it or if I quit the host app AND popclip.

I have not experienced these issues

I have PopClip extensions that sometimes disappear in some situations then reappear later, which can be frustrating. right now in Chrome and IA Writer, for example, tapping to invoke it on empty space only gives me the Paste+Return option, but not any of my other installed extensions, like Timestamp. Very frustrating.

Technically, some of them should be context aware and appear dependent on type and existence of content.

Technically, yes.

But the whole point of Timestamp is to enter date/time in an empty line or space, and it was working right previously.

I know this is an old thread but came to say I pretty much have the same problems. Not a dealbreaker so far but annoying. I do find the applet immensely useful and wish it could have many more integrations.

If you use BetterTouchTool I can recommend to map one of the trackpad “Force Click” triggers (for example with four fingers) to execute the action running the following AppleScript asynchronously in the background:

tell application "PopClip" to appear

Simple but does the trick if the PopClip bar didn’t show up after a selection was made.

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Amazing I was just actually thinking about how to use BTT for Popclip. Thanks!

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why did they discontinue TextExpander support? did they ever address it?