Portable charging kit for iPhone, Watch and iPad?

I’m looking for clever ideas to minimize the crud I carry and yet have fast charging for all devices.

Looking for a spare Apple Watch charger today, I found: https://www.amazon.ca/Charger-Charging-Adapter-Included-AirPods/dp/B0B7DCDTFX/

My first reaction was, it’s not plugging into USB-C, how fast can it be. It did make me think. What clever approaches do people have for portable charging systems?

what about something like this, I just choose this at random, but you can google using “4-in-1 apple watch iPhone charger”

Even for the watch that seems like a slow charging mechanism. I found something that had both a watch charger and lightening adapter on one cable. But it was only USB A. I assume that’s too low power to charge both at the same time at full speed.

Example this one: https://www.amazon.ca/Charger-Charging-Adapter-Included-AirPods/dp/B0B7DCDTFX/ seems to promise to slow charging: “Offer a fast original charging speed for your Watch in less than 3 hours”.

That thing looks weird. Says USB-C but photo shows what looks like a USB-A plug and the socket looks like nothing I have ever seen. Does that mean only that brick can be used with that Y cable?

I have been using one of these recently. At 66W it can charge a macbook also.

I recently dumped all my normal kit for the MagSafe Duo, a 30 watt charger and two cables, one of which is USB-C for my Mac and iPad. My carry-on was the lightest it’s ever been in about a decade.

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is 35 W charger powerful enough to charge your Mac? Presumably a Mac book air?

I just checked and it’s actually the 30W USB-C Power Adapter that came with my 2020 M1 MacBook Air.

Thanks I looked up your charger and it doesn’t sell in Canada. However Anker (who I trust), have one that with only 65W.

Somehow I hoped someone would share a link to watch charger and lightening adapter on the same cable, that plugged into USB-C. My goal like @Aaron_Antcliff is to lighten my bag.

For my next conference and first business travel in 2 1/2yrs, I will try only taking an iPad + Magic Keyboard, phone and watch.

The Anker version should be good, I have a few of their products as well.

I can’t see a “Y” cable as you describe meeting the MFI (apple certification) requirements.

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Hadn’t thought about that. I can live with 3 cables and one brick.


Fighting the same battle, personally. USB-C, by my understanding, can’t be split. The USB-C protocol negotiates the power requirements with the device, and a splitter would hose that up.

That said, if you’re trying to only do USB-C, my general preference is “shorter cables”. I use & like this little dongle:


which isn’t USB-C, but the Satechi version is:

That’s not a “fast charger” but it’s super-lightweight, and depending on the position of your charger, you might be able to plug the little dongle into it and sit your watch on it. Otherwise, the watch could charge from the iPad.

I also have & like these:

They convert USB-C to Lightning, and the little rubber boot thing can be tied around your USB-C cable so you don’t lose it. That, plus:

is awesome. Again, this all depends on where your power brick lands. If you can count on an outlet on a counter, like in a bathroom, there’s a lot you can do with very short cables. Otherwise, rather than packing more and more cables I’d pack a good USB-C power bank and leave it charging wherever you’re staying. That, plus short cables, can be very useful if your device collection is limited.