Portable iPhone stand?

On my journey to writing with a mechanical keyboard but only an iPhone I also need a lightweight, small iPhone stand to carry around. Any recommendations?

There’s a million of foldable stands, available in plastic or metal, from $5-$11 on amazon. Depends on how small/light you want, really, and if you want colors. Here are 2 I’ve used, each under $6:

I have two, a Plinth, which is better as an iPad stand (it even works with my 12.9"), and a pack of two Moko stands I picked up last week. They’re both stable and lightweight, the Moko is smaller though and will probably work better for you.

Thanks! The MoKo one was recommended on Amazon. This kind of stuff is sometimes of very poor quality and so it’s nice to know someone who had his hands on it.
I have a stand that’s made from metal, but it’s extremely heavy.

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These ones feel pretty sturdy, I would need both to hold my 12.9" iPad Pro in landscape mode, and wouldn’t trust it in portrait mode - but that’s not your use case thankfully!

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Pocket Tripod. Trust me.

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Hah! This looks fancy! I like that!