Portable Scanner

I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100i that has been great - until Apple pushed the annual OS upgrade on us and the receipts management software no longer works. The new Fujitsu Home software removed essential features, so that isn’t an option.

I couldn’t find an independent replacement receipt management software that wasn’t a monthly subscription.

So I bought a Brother portable scanner - Model DS 720d - because the Brother receipt management software got good reviews.

Got the Brother scanner, discovered that all of the applications EXCEPT the receipt manager were on the enclosed disk. The receipt manager had to be downloaded.

That is where I discovered Brother really skimps on its support - and its website.

In order to download the receipt manager application, you have to register the scanner. But the Brother site required my physical address then refused to accept it - even tried the home address. Eventually after multiple tries got through registration to the download page only to get an error “We are unable to place you order” - yeah, Brother can’t even check its website for typos. This is one of just many similar errors on the website.

Of course there is no support on weekends.

And Brother is pushing hard to sell a $3.99 monthly cloud storage for receipts - which is totally unnecessary.

So verdict, don’t buy Brother products unless you are willing to be frustrated with the failure of the “out of box” experience and lack of customer support.

You’re definitely not alone on problems with the Brother software! I recently upgraded from a Mac Air to a Mac Mini, and the software for my old brother scanner absolutely refuses to work for anything. After a lot of frustration, I decided it was a sign I could splurge on a new ScanSnap.

Good luck!

Apologies for hijacking but it is related :wink:
Brother 920DW - bought a year or so ago. No Big Sur driver and no support. Anyone found a workaround to this problem? Brother’s somewhat rude & sarcastic response was basically - either downgrade or get another older laptop to go with your no longer supported portable (!) scanner.