Portable Screen Recommendations

Does anyone use a portable screen with their MacBook? Many of the reviews I see warn against using such screens with Apple products, but I seem to remember Rosemarie Orchard saying that she was using one at least temporarily in her home office.

Suggestions and recommendations welcome? Thanks in advance.

I don’t use a portable monitor – but I don’t understand why “many of the reviews … warn against using such screens with Apple products”. What’s the problem?

iMore did a recent article on portable monitors for use with a Mac. https://www.imore.com/best-portable-monitors-mac

The only one I ever used was a 12.9" iPad connected via Duet Display.

When I’m travelling I’ll sometimes use Sidecar and my iPad, a combination that works well enough for me.

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Rather than being recognised as displays, many require you to install special drivers to allow them ti work over USB A or C (and as always these tend to work well with Windows and only marginally with Mac) and/or use a special Dongle to connect. Reading the reviews it seems that many (most) simply do not work adequately with Macs.

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This is great - thank you - it offers some concrete avenues to explore.

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Not something that I had considered, but worth exploring. Thank you.

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