Possible to auto-adjust default zoom level for a browser?

Hello smart automation peeps. I have a request I hope you can help me figure out.

I bought a new monitor. It’s a 32" 4K, and I love all the screen real estate. My 55 year old eyes aren’t as excited though, and I’m finding that for general web browsing, I have to increase the zoom level on everything.

I could set the default zoom for Chrome (or Safari, I’m not picky) to 150%, but then when I am using the laptop screen, that’s too much. That got me wondering if there is some way to adjust this automagically based on whether or not I’m plugged into a second display.

I have Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, and of course, Shortcuts, and I feel like one of them should be able to manage this for me.

Any ideas?

Have you tried changing the scaling in System Preferences?
Of course that will change the size of everything.
Another thought is to use Chrome when at your desk, and Safari when mobile, or vice-versa.
Then you might miss bookmarks that are in one and not the other.