Possible to open Safari web apps that have been created with Sonoma's "Add to Dock" using a keyboard launcher?

I have created several web apps using Sonoma’s new “Add to Dock” command in Safari. For a few niche cases where proper apps aren’t available, this is working well.

I have gotten so used to launching all apps via a keyboard command (using LaunchBar) that not being able to do so for these Dock apps is driving me crazy. They don’t appear as actual apps, so I’m not sure if it is impossible or if there is some clever workaround.

Would love to hear any ideas!

I use Raycast to setup hotkeys to launch webapps.

For instance, I have option-G setup to launch a chatgpt webapp.

This is one of the reasons I LOVE Raycast.


Each of these “add to dock” web apps is created in your /username/Applications folder, so as long as your launcher is looking here it should be able to launch.

Perhaps you could use finder to copy these web apps from:

/Macintosh HD/Users/Usename/Applications
/Macintosh HD/Applications

(obviously replacing “Macintosh HD” with any custom name you have given your local HDD and “Username” with your username.

Spotlight does pick-up both places for normal and web apps.

I use Alfred and am able to launch these ‘apps’ just fine with it. :thinking:

Maybe contact the LaunchBar developer?

Thank you! It did not occur to me look in /username/Applications folder! :man_facepalming:

Moved them over to /Applications and presto!

Really appreciate the response!

Glad it worked, I’ve stared using these apps for quite a few things. For example Discord seems far more efficient with the web app, rather than the full app.

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