Possible Transition Out of Day One?

I think I reached an annoyance with Day One. This is the 4th time I have had to contact them over sync issues. I am now concerned that I am losing entries. Comparing between the iPad and iPhone (haven’t looked at the mac yet so I don’t get another heart attack). Both devices have the option to download full size media. Yet, the videos on the iPad say only 10GB of space, and the iPhone says 24GB of space. I have a similar discrepancy with my Photos (not as large) but with a 300MB difference.

Does anyone else have these issues?
Suggestions or Different use case?

I might suggest disabling your network on the Mac before the next time you launch the app. That way if you find local data that you’re concerned might be wiped out on the next sync, you can find whatever folder it’s stored in on your Mac, and make a copy of that folder for backup purposes.

You should also export all data locally just to be sure while disconnected.

I am also experiencing some sync issues lately, but I’ve attributed it to the beta I’m on. Are you on the regular version?

They also pushed some promotion ad pop-ups lately to their existing customer base. I gave them a chance after the acquisition, but my doubts are increasing.

on the regular version, still having sync issues despite trying different things today