Postbox went the subscription way

Pretty upset and unhappy about this move. My favourite e-mail client, Postbox, went subscription only as of version 7. This puts me in a difficult position since as a rule I don’t do subscriptions for software. So either I stick with version 6, which probably won’t work properly after the next MacOS upgrade, I look for something else (Mail,app) or I surrender and start paying a yearly subscription.
Whatever I choose, I won’t be happy. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. I only pay for four software/app related applications, email is not one of them. After using/trying almost everything out there, I’ve settled back with Apple Mail. I have multiple personal and professional Gmail accounts and my Apple account. I’ve learned some helpful workflows with Apple Mail that work good enough for me. This is only my experience but I sympathize with your plight!

What feature(s) did you love about Postbox? Maybe there are alternatives…

I use Postbox mainly because of IMAP tags (labels) and the flexibility with rules. I just downloaded MailMate and like what I see so far. It will probably be either MailMate or Apple Mail (which doesn’t have the IMAP tags built in).

Wow… they just recently (as in July of 2019) were offering a perpetual license (all future versions) for $39… and now they want a $30 annual fee?

I’ll be interested to see what the coming year holds for Postbox. The cynical side of me wonders if it will ever reach version 8, or if this is a way to squeeze as much as they can out of the app before it dwindles off into oblivion.

That being said, I think Mailmate is the best mail app on the Mac right now for power users. It may not be the prettiest, but it’s not a bad UI, and the functionality is rock solid for me. Plus the developer is very involved, and there is an active mailing list for support and community. Well worth the price.


I would consider $30 a year for a client as powerful as Postbox, but there’s no iOS version and no Exchange support. It is a premium fee without a few key premium features…

There’s the rub for subscription apps… “Are you worth what you’re asking me to pay for each month?”

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I don’t see how a mail client can be taken seriously without Exchange support.

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Depends on the situation. I assume it’s a substantial amount of work to add that functionality to an application, while not everybody needs it. In most business environments it’s a must though. But t.b.h. most companies use Outlook anyway.

I’m evaluating MailMate now and quite like it so far. The only thing that I can’t find and that’s quite convenient in Postbox are rules on archiving mail. So e.g. if I press ‘A’ when an email with an invoice is selected, it goes straight to the ‘Invoices’ folder for that mail account.

Perhaps someone can tell me if that’s possible in MailMate or Apple Mail?

On the other hand, one thing missing from Postbox that seems to be possible in both MailMate and Mail is the option to save attachments via a mail rule. So a bit of a trade off there.

I’m not sure if it’s possible or not, but the best place to ask would be the Mailmate list at

@tjluoma and @vco1 ⇧⌘M will archive the email in MailMate.

It’s not about having a keyboard shortcut to archive a message. Postbox offers the option to attache rules to this shortcut, so archiving is conditional. That’s really handy when one has more than just a central Archive folder.

You can do this conditionally in MailMate too. If you edit the Rules on the Mailbox. Here is a screenshot I did as an example for one email address. You can add as many conditions you want. If this is not what you are looking then I am sorry may be I did not understand the feature of Postbox. I would like to know more about it.

Looks like what I was talking about.
To clarify, in Postbox you can press ‘A’ and based on the criteria in your rule the message gets archived in a specific folder. So not when the e-mail arrives, but when you manually archive the message.