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I was up late working on a planner/journal spread. (It’s a hobby that keeps me busy since I’m retired.) Anyway, I am unable to upload even one photo to FB and I don’t know what I need to do. I tried Acorn. Then I tried changing the images to PNGs to no avail. I read somewhere that Apple uses a different, newer format. (For the record, I am not really into social media much but I do enjoy journaling.) Help!

Can you elaborate?
MacOS or iOS or iPadOS?
Using a web browser? Which one?
Using the FB app?

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No special app.

THANK you!

I export my photo(s) to the desktop as .jpg and then I can upload to FB. Maybe give that a try?

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I’ll try that. Thanks so much!

When you create a post, click on the middle +:

That will open Finder.
If the image you want is in Photos, you can find that all the way at the bottom of Finder’s sidebar:

From there, you should be able to upload any picture, whether it’s heic, jpg, png, etc. and it will be converted automatically.

If that process doesn’t work, let us know where it breaks down.

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Hi, I upload them to FB, the photo(s) appears, when I hit “post” (or something), the screen goes a whitish color, I can see the ball spinning underneath it. (It is translucent.) And it never uploads.

I’ve also had intermittent issues posting to Facebook. It might be a Safari thing… perhaps try Chrome?

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I’ll try it! Thanks!