Potential Eero/Internet solution?

My wife and I have three cupcakes connected via wifi/mesh (aka not ethernet). We both work from home and running ethernet throughout our house would not be ideal. That said, our wifi can get spotty and dropped Zoom calls are rather frequent. I’m thinking of buying additional Eero units and then plugging in our laptops into those beacons / cakes via ethernet. The eero devices would be connected via wifi. Our Apple TV’s are set up this way (ethernet into the cupcakes) even though the the cupcakes aren’t tied together. And they never have issues. What do you think?

I can tell you that my experience with the eero has been that the Wi-Fi is good, the Wi-Fi on the new eero is great, and plugging into the Ethernet port has always been a good solution for me.


That sounds like a good plan, but why not test it out?

Move the Eeros to where you work, and use the Apple TVs over wifi for a short time (or disconnect them for the test).
If you run a speed test from your work computers before and after plugging in the cable, you’ll know for sure if it’s worth it.

I would first check the Router if it can handle the bandwidth that you are getting. Most often cases it’s the router that’s the bottleneck if you already have an Eero.

Running a Ethernet to back haul will provide the best results when you are using an Eero.

Thanks so much @GraemeS! I love the simplicity of just testing it. That said, speed isn’t really the issue. My wife’s work VPN is capping her speeds (:roll_eyes:), and I’m always clocking strong wifi speeds. It’s about stability. We go through phases of instability. Zoom calls freezing, and wifi interruptions. That’s why I’m wondering if being connected to an eero, even if that eero isn’t connected via ethernet to the others, will help? I should still be able to test that, though it will need to be a longer term test since it’s not a constant.

Can you tell me more about running a backhaul to test the router?

What I meant to say was to see if the modem/router infant of the Eero can handle the speeds you have. More often it’s the case.

By backhaul, I meant to connect the Eero via Ethernet than over wifi to get best results.

Thank you! It’s the modem provided by the ISP and the eero speed tests are showing numbers above what we’re paying for so I’m thinking the router is okay.

Again, I’m dealing more with stability issues than speed issues. It’s mostly that the wifi will crash for 25s at a time and it seems to happen over the course of a few days and then go away. Could just be the ISP, but hoping to reduce/alleviate those interruptions.