Potentially Replacing M1 Macbook with M4 iPad

Good catch! I fixed it. If I had been using an iPad, that mistake would not have happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Several years ago I made an iPad pro my “computer.” Loved it at the time, but now I have the latest mb air 16 mb ram.hh Much easier to work with. No more working around the iPad to claim I don’t need a laptop. Amazing battery life! No keyboard connection idiosyncrasies. It’s everything I hoped for in the iPad but way better IMO.

Used to really hate how iPad apps loved to reset their state (like iOS apps) just because I switched away from them briefly. Used to lose notes because of that not to mention the inconvenience.

I also prefer the precision of the mouse to the not so accurate touch screen.

Then there was the issue of “select all” on the iPad. Always iffy. Just like on the iphone. Grr.


This weekend I decided to just use my iPad to post a Substack article. Lately I’ve been using the iPad for writing and then the Macbook for final touches and posting. Happy to say that everything went smoothly through the browser, including uploading numerous images. It was kind of an “oh…I can do this” moment.

I also got the Affinity perpetual license pack that was on sale this weekend, including all iPad and Mac apps. I’m interested to see how well Designer, Publisher, and Photo play on the iPad, especially Publisher.

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We’ll have to compare notes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We will - when it finally arrives!

After a couple of weeks, I’ve decided to go for it and get rid of the MBP and old iPad to go with the M4.

I have to say that I really enjoyed working remotely on the iPad - there were a few frustrations (which I was able to sort out on the Mac Mini), by and large though I found it so much more interesting working on an IPad while out remotely.

It doesn’t half take Apple a while to process an order though. It has been a couple of weeks and I’m still at the “Processing” stage and they haven’t taken the money. Having made the decision, I just want the thing to arrive now!

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I’m keeping a journal of my experience and what works well and what new workflows or workarounds I’ve discovered. So far, :crossed_fingers:t2:, I’ve not needed to grab the MBP. I’ll post my final thoughts on or around 23 (I started this 30 day experiment on May 23).


The Affinity suite works great on iPad. They have feature parity (even if access through different UIs) across Mac and iPad.

Only annoying thing is when you forget to install a typeface on one of the devices, but that’s par for the course, isn’t it?

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The delivery time was longer than I anticipated too. Placed my order on May 12th and it just shipped this morning. “DHL Express” so hoping it will be here tomorrow, as they indicate on the shipping notice.

Publisher is my most used app on the iPad and sets the bar for “desktop” class app on the iPad. It is a touch optimized UI so it’s not identical in appearance but it does have feature parity with the Mac/Windows apps. And the Studio Link feature is a fantastic feature. All in all, great stuff.

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Order made on 1st month and it’s still “processing” despite a delivery date of Monday

Mine arrived a few days after the initial “earlliest” estimate, but once the status got moving, it was here the next day. I really love the nanotexture screen, but keeping track of that Magic Cleaning Cloth may prove a challenge :slight_smile:

I also like the Pencil Pro “squeeze” option, but double click is almost as easy to accidentially trigger as before, I feel. It gets better with the “Allow on hover only” option.