Pour one out for Dongletown

… the new MacBook Pro doesn’t need to stop in your town anymore: now it can use any port.

(Worst Dad joke I’ve ever made. No apologies!)

Carry on :slight_smile:


Ethernet, USB-A, VGA, DisplayPort…


Excluding USB-A though… :wink:

Edit: @ChrisUpchurch beat me to it by two seconds… :cry:

Oh, and did I forget to mention that it doesn’t have a disc drive or even a floppy disk drive for that matter?

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Lack of Ethernet REALLY surprised me. Seeing ports coming back was like seeing old friends, but Ethernet not being there felt strange.

Ethernet is much thicker though. It’s also kind of ugly… if you were to ask Apple.

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I can handle thick and ugly for functionality. Not everything has to look space age and sleek for me to be happy.

Apple would probably tell you to buy a PC then.


HDMI: 4.45mm
RJ-45: 8mm

Apple will sell me anything I’m willing to pay for, including more dongles


Problem solved then! :smile:

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I was kind of expecting that they would at least include ethernet on the power brick the same way they did with the iMac.


Yeah, I thought Ethernet on the power brick was going to be the new way of things for pros.


But does that make sense for devices which are supposed to be mobile/portable? It seems to me Apple decided no ethernet jack on unit or PSU because a portable device is mostly connected wirelessly.

It makes sense as a Pro device seeing that they added the highly requested ports from Pro users. Beneficial to have a faster connection when you are constantly in the move between shoots and production.

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Ironically, I just ordered a couple of dongles to go with my new 14" MBP (USB-C to USB-A and Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet). That said, my USB-C to HDMI and USB-C to SD Card dongles will get relegated to iPad use only. So net zero for Mac dongles, I guess.


My post was definitely tongue in cheek, I’ve never had a problem using dongles with USB-C, just that I found it sort of unsightly as a solution compared to having on-board ports or using a multifunction dock. USB dongles can definitely be versatile.

Question to the group re: dongles

One of the things I like about a dongle with multiple inputs is that I only need to plug one thing in when I get home. With the new Pros, there’ll be a lot of plugging/unplugging with the ports (which are a welcome return) but, to me, the one cable to plug in is a win?

So, what blindingly obvious thing am I missing? :man_shrugging:

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Having HDMI and MagSafe doesn’t preclude using a hub or dock where appropriate.


You bring up a good point, as I have two set ups that I’m working from home with right now: a work laptop PC that features USB-C ports, and an M1 MBA. I have an Apple dongle featuring a USB-C port for power cable, HDMI for an external monitor, and a USB-A port. My current job uses Google Suite, but the PC they sent me is terribly slow, so I tend to use my MBA, using the external monitor via the HDMI connection. However, I occasionally have to use the PC to access certain files.

Using the dongle interchangeably between the two devices has been rather convenient in that aspect, but it’s really only 1 or 2 times a week that I have to do that.


I think I’ve been able to rule out (so far) the need for any dongles on my MB Air M1 2020 (only two USB-C ports) by deciding:

  • Initial migration transfer will be via WiFi (really wasn’t an option any way)
  • Future camera imports will be done via WiFi vs. SD card
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