Power off at night?

  • Yes, I power of my computer every night
  • No, I leave it running all the time
  • It depends on what I’m doing

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Says it all, do you power your macs and other devices off at night or leave them on all the time. Just curious here no real reason although feel free to explain your choice.

I selected the last one, as mine goes to sleep.

Things start getting weird if I don’t power down daily – apps that stop working correctly, sounds no longer work, etc. Periodic reboots or power down/up are useful prophylaxis to avoid issues.

I find that too, but it takes weeks to encounter any wonkiness.

Just gave an uptime command in Terminal and I see I haven’t restarted in 17 days. No problems so far…

Answering my own poll…I power off every night. Things also seem to get slower and slower within days if I don’t.

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I suppose if I didn’t use Parallels most days that would be the case too. I have to work in Windows. So, Parallels. Using Parallels is sort of like having leaking battery acid in your car. Sooner or later it wrecks the infrastructure.

The android emulator has this interesting issue where if you change wifi networks the networking on the emulator breaks, since I switch between working from home and at an office I have just gotten used to starting the computer in the morning.

I don’t know why but I personally have a deep set dislike of doing things that feel wasteful to me, for instance my wife has to turn the heater on during winter because I will just sit around in progressively more jumpers, same in summer. (Sans jumpers). I really shows with the headless servers I own, to do things like plex, I just can’t bring myself to leave it on all the time, I watch a movie and have to turn it off. I don’t have this problem with cloud servers though, sometimes I forgot I bought them.