Power on Docking Station USB ports

I’m a satisfied user of the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 docking station. However, lately I noticed that it doesn’t provide much power on the USB-A ports. I was thinking that if it has its own power supply and delivers enough power to charge a MBP it would also have enough bus power on the built-in USB-A ports. But I do notice significant loss of performance on my Jabra Link dongle, compared to when I connect it to a powered hub (actually the hub built into my monitor). And also the Stream Deck Mini is flickering when I shut down the MBP.

Given the fact that the Belkin has a huge power supply I find this strange. But based on experience that’s the way it is apparently.

Does anyone know from experience if the CalDigit TS3 Plus has the same behviour? Or does this docking station provide ample power on the USB ports? What is the behaviour if the connected computer is switched off? is there still power on the USB ports?

I’ve had notifications of insufficient power for connected iPads when connected through a CalDigit (not the plus), so I switched ports around and connecting directly to my Mac mini has no problems. So, I also noticed a few weeks back that this powered hub seems to lack power in some way.
It’sa bit disappointing, really.

Forget to mention that I’m pretty sure it doesn’t provide power when the Mac is off, but I can’t test now.

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