Power Source/Battery Isuses?

Hey MPU Fam,

I have a 13 inch 2017 Macbook Pro 2.5 GHz Dual Core i7 running the current OS (Ventura 13.0.1 at the moment). For the second time in the last two months, I removed it from the dock in my office and went to work. Didn’t end up using it at work (I have a work machine), got home, forgot it in the bag, and went to bed.

In the morning, I put it on the dock and plugged it in, tried to start it, and nothing. Called Apple Care. I’m a few months out, but it’s had to go in for battery issues twice - both times I got a warning when it was plugged in that said something about requiring service. Both times they replaced the battery and some other internal parts (the records are packed somewhere and I’ve not been able to find them.

On the phone with Apple Care, I went through a process of holding Shift-Command-Control and the power button for 10 seconds, releasing, then trying to turn it on to no avail. They scheduled an appointment for me at 1 tomorrow. While I’m out of Apple Care, apparently I since it was previously repaired, they are going to look at it again.

After getting off the phone, I had the computer plugged in (it was plugged in for 30-40 min before I called Apple). I re-did the steps taken on the phone and it finally started. Working normally now.

I’m wondering what the cause was. About 50-60% of the time, the computer us pugged into a CalDigit hub with a second monitor and my gadgets (Streamdeck, external hard drives, etc). But I’m wondering if the CalDigit hub might have something to do with it. Unless it’s just a troubled computer. I am trying to get at least 2 more years out of it though, so any insight would be wonderful.


I’ve found the app “Sleep Aid” useful to debug apps and setting that prevent the Mac going to sleep. Might be useful to you if a software issue. Or it’s hardware, but I suspect Apple’s swap of batteries might suggest that not the root cause.

Frustrating, I know.

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I observe on my older iPhone sometimes, that it took a couple of minutes, with a completely “empty” batterie, to start after it was plugged in again.
Maybe it is something similar with the MacBook?


I had some issues with battery draining while MBP was asleep. I wonder if you have a similar problem. You can check the usage history in battery. In terminal pmset -g log | grep "Wake Requests" to find if there’s anything particularly egregious. I referenced the link below when I was researching.

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Follow Up…

So my computer is out of AppleCare coverage. When I called, however, I asked specifically if they would look at and cover the power issue, as my computer has been in twice - both times for issues related to power and battery issues, resulting in the logic board, top case, and other components being replaced and repaired. By my logic, if I have repeated power issues, it’s an ongoing issue and not a one-off. The AppleCare person agreed, but the Apple Store person didn’t.

They basically listened to me and opened a quote for about $500 to look at my computer. The consolation prize for wasting 120 minutes of my time and about $40USD (driving 45 minutes x2 and parking fees) was they sent me two emails about different things I can do (that I already knew because while I may not be a trained genius, I’ve been an Apple guy since the early 90s, I’m here with yall, and my first course of action is always to look up various interventions so I don’t have to go to the Apple Store. Because… 120 minutes of my time, parking, gas, and then the extra time wasted waiting in the store despite having a specific appointment time and showing up early).

That said, I’m a bit bummed. I’m really hoping to get at least 2 more years out of this machine. But since it seems to be working fine now the genius didn’t think it would even be worth looking at because its working now.