Praise for Apple watch Series 4

I continue to be very pleasantly surprised with my series 4 watch. When I upgraded last Aug from a series 2, i was tempted to wait for the 5, but am glad i didn’t.
This watch is needing a recharge every 2 days if i don’t workout, and if i do a normal 1 hour run, the its lasting 36 hours between recharges.
The longest i have run it was 16 hours for a workout, in energy saver mode (i.e with heart-rate turned off for running). It was an outdoor run. After 16 hours it was in the 40% range! Amazing. This was with GPS tracking.
I am hoping that the series 6 will put more focus on battery life compared to the series 5. I hope apple realize that it can be a serious running watch if they get battery life like the 4 has.
NOTE: this is a non-LTE watch. LTE watches not available here.

I am interested to hear feedback on the series 5 battery if anyone has gauged it with the ‘always on’ functionality turned off?

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I found the always on feature annoying and turned it off. You see you try to use it (e.g. to check notifications) and it doesn’t work unless you cock your wrist, always on or otherwise.

Battery is good - lasts plenty more than 24 hours - I charge it every night and it’s on around 40%, including a workout.

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Oh good. Sounds like maybe the always on feature is the battery drain. Which makes sense.